[RC5] OGR-25 ?

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How about if we expand the lists a bit at the same time:

Proxyper (as is)
Stats (to avoid boring those who Just Don't Care)
Client (this list, now OGR inclusive)

Is there a better name than Client?  Perhaps Users?  Participants? 

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|Mike Faunce wrote:
|> How are OGR stats going to be done?
|> I mean we have pages and sets of stats for OGR-24.  Should 
|these be renamed
|> to OGR-Overall?
|We will very possibly have overall OGR stats in the future.
|>  Or will there be a new set of stats created for OGR-25?
|> what happens when we start OGR-26 and 27 and ... ?  Is the 
|stats box(es?)
|> and key server network up to handling more than 2 projects 
|They are currently handling 3 projects simultaneously.
|> On a similar note, shouldn't this list be renamed?
|Maybe. Any suggestions?
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