[RC5] new decryption project

Basil A. Daoust basildaoust at home.com
Fri Dec 1 21:11:46 EST 2000

This exe is not a self extracting code.   Its not one line of text.
It is a program.  You type in a password and it tells you your wrong.  
Well at least most of the time it will tell you your wrong :-)

But if the password is only 8 characters how does the 448 bit encryption work.
I mean with RC5 you need the 64 bit key.  Here we seem to just need a short 
maybe 8 character password.  If we assume bit patterns that are type able from a
keyboard its getting smaller and small all the time.

Anyone know anything about the algorithm used?  Maybe attacks other than brute
force would make more sense?

As for the comments on Virus / trojan my anti virus program hasn't complained.
But that I suppose doesn't rule out the trojan portion.  I have however deleted
the program as I couldn't see myself typing in thousands of passwords to get the
same message over and over again.  Telling me I'm wrong again.  Sadistic I might
be but... even I have my limits.


Chase Covello wrote:
> On 2000.11.30 06:07:41 -0800 Knut Pfefferkorn wrote:
> > On 30 Nov 2000, at 9:57, Satya wrote:
> >
> > > http://www.secure-soft.com/
> >
> > Selfextracting EXE! :-(
> >
> > What's this? Virus, Tojan?
> I wonder.. why in the world would anyone put a 1-line text file in a
> platform-dependent .exe?
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