[RC5] new decryption project

Satya satyap at satya.virtualave.net
Sat Dec 2 15:46:53 EST 2000

On Dec 1, 2000 at 19:35, Stou Sandalski wrote:

>WHOIS information for secure-soft.com:

>Organization:  Secure-Soft  
>address:  9, Anand Vaibhav Kelkar Rd Dadar (W) 
>   Bombay, Mah   400028     IN 

That's pretty close to my place (<30 minutes walk) I'll go over

On Dec 1, 2000 at 21:11, Basil A. Daoust wrote:

>Anyone know anything about the algorithm used?  Maybe attacks other than brute
>force would make more sense?

It's based on blowfish, they say.

I repeat: I am not associated with or employed by that company.

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