[RC5] [ANN]: JavaVis 1.4 for MacOs released

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Mon Dec 4 17:47:18 EST 2000


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### JavaVis for the Macintosh Runtime for Java ###
    (formerly known as "RC5graph")

##  Quickstart

JavaVis is a small Java program that graphs the contents of a
distributed.net client's log file.

To use it just launch the program and go to the File menu to open a log file
or drag&drop a logfile to the progam icon. Up to 4 recent logfiles will be
remembered in the file menu.

Zooming in is accomplished by drag-selecting part of the graph with your
mouse. To zoom out, control-click on the graph and choose 'complete' from
the one-item popup menu.

##  New in release 1.4

* Supports multiple contests
* Renamed to JavaVis
* The application file is now a package and doubleclickable under MacOSX.
* Under MacOS the preference file gets hidden inside the package.


Greeting, Michi

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