[RC5] "hiding" the client (W32)

Arne Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 8 12:53:42 EST 2000


> > On my machine, the official DOS client is a lot faster than the official
> > Windows client, even when run under Windows and when the system is very
> > busy. I suppose he has similar reasons to want to make it a DOS one.
>  Probably because the Windoze schedule can't schedule DOS processes right.
> I would guess it is getting a bigger chunk of the CPU time.  If you see this
> difference when the system is not heavily used, then it would be
> interesting

Yes, that's what I meant - the DOS client is unter Windows faster than the
Windows client, whether the machine is used or not. The Windows client
gives me about 350 to 400 kkeys/sec when the computer is busy, and 450 to
500 when it's not. The DOS client in a Window gives me around 500 to
550kkeys/sec. When run in pure DOS, I get 634.2 kkeys/sec constant.


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