[RC5] "hiding" the client (W32)

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Sun Dec 10 03:26:29 EST 2000

Peter Cordes <peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca> schrieb am 09.12.2000 23:06:

>> Yes, that's what I meant - the DOS client is unter Windows faster than the
>> Windows client, whether the machine is used or not. The Windows client
>> gives me about 350 to 400 kkeys/sec when the computer is busy, and 450 to
>> 500 when it's not. The DOS client in a Window gives me around 500 to
>> 550kkeys/sec. When run in pure DOS, I get 634.2 kkeys/sec constant.
> You probably already took care of this, but you didn't mention it.  Are
> there any background processes started by windoze, like system tray stuff?
> How fast is it when windoze is running in safe mode, so presumably no other
> stuff will have been started?

And: how accurate is the time measurement the DOS-client and the
windows-client do?

If the DOS-client only counts the time that it 'has' the process and can't
know about CPU time it does'nt get it is no wonder.

Has the real count keys/hour be measured against an external clock for both?

Greeting, Michi 

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