[RC5] "hiding" the client (W32)

Alexei Anatski chatski at rbc.ru
Wed Dec 6 16:42:35 EST 2000

> I'm looking for a way of hiding the client on Windows NT machines.
> The best way I know is to install as a service and rename it.
> The only problem is, I'm still able to see the name "dnetc.exe" in the
> tasklist. Is there any way to rename this name?
> Renaming the exe is not the right way, because the task-name is still
> dnetc.exe. :(

You can rename dnetc.exe to anything you like. Just rename .ini also.
Install as usual. Just tested this myself.

> Another good thing would be not to pause the client on taskmgr.exe,
> but to stop it. But I could not find any switch for that, either?!? :(

It is not possible. Who will start dnetc for you if it's completely stopped?

And a word of caution: It may be a time for you to review DNet policy - only
authorized client installation is allowed


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