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Date: Saturday, December 16, 2000 3:27 AM
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>Well, on my Solaris system, I don't even get that.  I
>[Dec 04 12:29:17 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 2 processors.
>[Dec 04 12:29:17 UTC] Loading crunchers with work...
>[Dec 04 12:29:21 UTC] NetUpdate::Connect handshake failed. (0.168)
>[Dec 04 12:29:22 UTC] NetUpdate::Connect handshake failed. (0.168)
>[Dec 04 12:29:22 UTC] Unable to load any work. Quitting...
>[Dec 04 12:29:22 UTC] *Break* Shutting down...
>I was wondering what was going on.  I don't remember what my
>Windows box at home said, but there was no message that
>indicated that no blocks were available.  Back to RC5 for
>aa while.
Looks like RC5 was disabled. So the client didn't work on random rc5 blocks until it could make a connection and get new work.

You don't have to disable RC5 to run OGR. Default behaviour is to work on OGR and to fall back to RC5, if no OGR work is available. Because OGR get's recycled often (compared to RC5), there is not always work available.

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