[RC5] I'd like to do a port...

Ephraim Vishniac ephraim at init.com
Wed Dec 20 18:31:22 EST 2000

I'd like to do a port of the current distributed.net client to
DYNIX/ptx -- the available client is far out of date and seems to have
been built with the portable kernel instead of the x86 kernel.  I
ported the publicly available source with no particular problems and
was happy to see that it runs many times faster than the old client. I
sent mail to help at distributed.net as advised on the porting page and
got only the automatic response ("you should expect a response in
three or four days").  I waited a week and tried again with no better

Can anyone tell me how to contact the porting team for real?  I hate
to see billions of cycles going to waste for lack of a port that could
be done in hours.

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