[RC5] Beowulf Cluster/Linux/DNet

cyb97 cyb97 at noxtension.com
Thu Dec 21 00:04:16 EST 2000

At 20.12.2000 22:58 +0000, you wrote:
>A question...
>Would I gain any speed advantage by turning my 5 DNet PC's
>(which are about to be moved from Windows to Linux) into a
>Beowulf cluster?
Doubt it, and AFAIK there aren't any support for distributed computing, (a 
bit ironic, seen as we're talking distributed.net) and I can't see where 
you could gain any speed over running 5 separate clients on each computer, 
as clustering won't make the CPU's themselves any faster.

Just run 5 clients and you should get 5xspeed of one computer, (if they're 
the same specs of course).. you might want to look at running a 
personalproxy on one of them, to easy administration and give you a bit of 
stats if you're like the rest of the stats-geeks here...

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