[RC5] Beowulf Cluster/Linux/DNet

Walter Irwin Nissen wnissen at cs.hmc.edu
Wed Dec 20 17:26:39 EST 2000

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, cyb97 wrote:
> >Would I gain any speed advantage by turning my 5 DNet PC's
> >(which are about to be moved from Windows to Linux) into a
> >Beowulf cluster?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Carl
> Doubt it, and AFAIK there aren't any support for distributed computing, (a 
> bit ironic, seen as we're talking distributed.net) and I can't see where 
> you could gain any speed over running 5 separate clients on each computer, 
> as clustering won't make the CPU's themselves any faster.

That's the elegant simplicity of dnet. They don't take any problems where the
amount of inter-process dependency is greater than 0. In the parallel computing
world, they're called "embarassingly parallel." All the benefit from
parallelization has already happened at the keyserver level. Come to think of
it, in the modern parallel computing world dnet's problems are known as
"incredibly unbelievably totally embarassingly obviously parallel." :)


Walter_Nissen at alumni.hmc.edu

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