[RC5] Beowulf Cluster/Linux/DNet

Roland Haeder Quixy_man at gmx.net
Thu Dec 21 15:27:31 EST 2000


I have three PCs (all AMDs with MHz: one 600 and two 400 MHz) and I use
the free mosix cluster system. There's no need to change your programs so that
they can run on a Mosix Cluster.

If you're interesting in it you may follow this link: http://www.mosix.org

If you want to know more about my computer then you may visit this link:

Well, what I want to say is that a Bewolf Cluster (I think you make it
with PVM?) has some negative things in opposite of the Mosix Cluster:

+ The PVM project is a stable and very often used project
+ You can use the newest kernel which you want to use
- You have optimize your programs to run it on a Bewolf Cluster
(re-programming or patching them)

+ There's no need to patch your current programs
+ An easy-to-use installation script patches, compiles and installs the
kernel for you.
+ A small console program (mon) and a top-clone program (mtop) shows you
the load off all seperate nodes
+ If you want to disable a node simply do a "rmmod mosix"
- You must (!) use the vanilla kernel source code (currently 2.2.18)
- The project is currently unstable (0.97.x) and the included MFS (Mosix
File System) is alpha
- Currently there's no graphical visualisation program - like XPVM -

Please correct me if something is wrong. And sorry for my bad english!

Kindly regards,
  Roland Haeder

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