[RC5] Re: Visualizing Keyspace

Steven Engelhardt sengelha at uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 1 02:20:57 EST 2000

* Ryan Malayter (rmalayter at bai.org) [000131 18:32]:
> Since we have 2^64 / 2^28 = 2^36 blocks, why not make the graph a square
> running from 0 to 2^18 on each axis. The Y-axis would be the highest-order
> 18 bits of the first key in the keyblock, and the X-axis would be the
> next highest order 18 bits.
> As a complete bitmap, this graph would be 262,144 pixels per side, so
> some subsampling would be in order. Perhaps we could reduce the graph
> to 1024x1024 at 8 bit color, using varying colors to represent the number
> of blocks complete within each pixel? Or maybe just 6 colors: say blue
> for all blocks complete, green for some blocks complete, red for some
> blocks issued but none complete, yellow for some issued with some
> complete, and white for no activity whatsoever.

Since a 400 x 400 image has 160,000 pixels which is > 2^17, why don't
we just make each pixel be a block of size 2^(keysize - 17) and shade
it in with various levels of gray to denote how complete this block

Bigger pictures can lead to smaller blocks:
800 x 800   = 640,000   > 2^19
1600 x 1600 = 2,560,000 > 2^21

Alternatively, we can generate pictures from subsections of the

  Steven Engelhardt <sengelha at uiuc.edu)

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