[RC5] New Ranking System

Robert A. Rosenberg bob.rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Wed Feb 2 16:20:13 EST 2000

At 08:50 AM 02/01/2000 +0000, Filipe Joel Almeida wrote:
>I'm on for it too... would definitely spice up the stats... but maybe an
>'last week/month overall keyrate' also wouldn't be bad at all... for those
>like me that spent a lot of time with a low keyrate and have recently jumped
>up... without the overall keyrate being much affected...

Also fix the "bug"/"design flaw" that assumes that all the work that was 
uploaded was done in the past 24 hours even though the last upload was 3 
days ago. For purposes of rates, the counts should be adjusted to take the 
date of the last upload into account. IOW, uploading 500 WUs on Friday and 
then 1500 WUs on Monday should show 500 WUs/Day NOT 1500 WU/Day since it 
represents 3 days of work not 1 day. 

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