[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Wed Feb 2 18:44:45 EST 2000

> > Even if they
> > were brand new 400Mhz or faster laptops it wouldn't be
> > worth the cost of power to run them just for RC5. Trust me
> > on this, RC5 is NOT THAT important.
>  Yes, which is why we need to be doing something useful.  Dcypher.net has
> really neat thing going with their gamma flux project.  (I'm a physics
> student, so I probably find it more interesting than most people.
> the results of their calculations will be used by researchers.  That is
> worth working on.  I'm thinking of looking it.  Anyone know how well
> automated their client is?  I don't want to have to baby-sit it, since we
> have a Windoze lab at school as well as Unix, and I don't want to have to
> script stuff on NT.)

I'll second, third, and fourth this . . . in fact, I'm currently giving the
dcypher.net client a try for the sole reason that it's *more interesting*. I
mean, codebreaking . . . I could, given some calculation time, predict the
chance that rc5 will be finished at particular times (at least . . . I would
be able to if there wasn't this nebulous number of reissued blocks out there
. . . ) and the fact is that it doesn't really matter that this gets done
eventually. As people have mentioned, we have proved that RC5-64 is secure
enough for most transactions. We've given a nice baseline number of how much
CPU time it really takes to decode a code of N size (want RC5-72? multiply
by 256). I'm still looking forward to OGR, which, quite simply, seems to be
being delayed over and over. The OGR todo list's last entry was about four
and a half months ago. I presume the todo list is out of date - at least, I
hope it is - since one of the .plans says they just ran into another glitch
with OGR. ANOTHER one. I'm sorry to sound like I'm just complaining here,
but it's a bit frustrating, and passing 100% on CSC - and then going *back*
to 75% or so - isn't exactly filling me with confidence . . . I realize that
there's a lot going on that I almost certainly don't see, but from my
position and from the position of quite a few of my friends we don't see a
whole lot of interest going on with distributed.net. One person I know has
already switched to seti at home simply because "at least they're doing
something useful". And here I am, with a green "D" in my tray instead of the
cow . . .


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