[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Thu Feb 3 04:41:24 EST 2000

Peter Cordes <peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca> schrieb am 01.02.00 04:28:
> Yes, which is why we need to be doing something useful.  Dcypher.net has a
> really neat thing going with their gamma flux project.  (I'm a physics
> student, so I probably find it more interesting than most people.  However,
> the results of their calculations will be used by researchers.  That is
> worth working on.

They claim to be able to make the use of Atamic Energy safer.

I would not support ridicolous lies like this. There is no sense in research
on 'safety' in this topic as long as it supports the Atomic Industry and
leads to more production of atomic waste and longer runtimes for the
(this is OffTopic in this MailingList. So please direct answers on this
point to me privately!)

[giving computers some usefull work to do ...]
> The
> dcypher.net gamma flux project is exactly what I'm thinking of.  Maybe we
> can join them and let them take advantage of our d.net clients framework
> (i.e. the buffer management, pausefile code, install-as-a-windoze-service
> code, etc.)

They lack the free-software-movement-background and transparency of dnet.
I guess if they would conform with our ideals they would have joined
Greeting, Michi

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