[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Fri Feb 4 16:47:46 EST 2000

> [giving computers some usefull work to do ...]
> > The
> > dcypher.net gamma flux project is exactly what I'm thinking of.  Maybe
> > can join them and let them take advantage of our d.net clients framework
> > (i.e. the buffer management, pausefile code,
> > code, etc.)
> They lack the free-software-movement-background and transparency of dnet.
> I guess if they would conform with our ideals they would have joined
> distributed.net.

I wouldn't be so sure about that . . . if I was building a distributed
client system, I might base it off dnet and I'd definitely give them major
kudos on the webpage, but I wouldn't use the software. The V3 client
(whatever it might or might not have been renamed to) was AFAIK supposed to
allow a nice framework for Joe Schmoe to post his big computing projects on
the dnetc page and, if anyone was kind enough to contribute runtime, he's
happy. But I believe the current generation of clients are a little too
constrictive to add and drop projects at the drop of the hat (imagine trying
to set flush/fetch for twenty projects in the win32 interface . . .
190:190;LMI=4:4;(and on and on and on and on);POQ=40:40 *whew*! Finally
done! SYNTAX ERROR?!!? (Can you find it?) ) You get the idea. We'd need some
better way of snapping projects in and out of the client - perhaps a .dll or
the equivalent for whatever OS you're using (.so for linux as I recall).

I've tried their client, and it doesn't work as well as dnet's, and it's not
as customizable . . . but it IS a first-generation client.

This has gone off in directions other than I intended, so I'll stop here.
Incidentally, the syntax error was in the TSP block - I used a ; instead of
a :.


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