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Dakidd dakidd at primenet.com
Thu Feb 3 20:56:24 EST 2000

>    A German Space  Shuttle Mission is starting soon to scan the earth
>with radar, when they return  10000 GB of data will have to be made into a
>3D version of earth, and they think  that their computer will take up to 2
>years for that work. So my idea is  that distributed.net could finish this
>job easily much faster, and to it may get  public, as seti at home. What do
>you think about this,

As a map freak (using them, never generating - yet) I would DEARLY love to
get my hands on this data. I'm worried that it will end up in the hands of
the military or some such crap, and never reach the public eye. If we get
to work on it, I'd be very upset if the results ended up being non-public.

People are hollering about dnet not being "useful". This would be, IMO, a
*VERY* useful project, as long as the results are available to the entire
planet, not just a select few.

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