[RC5] Cartographie

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Fri Feb 4 16:40:36 EST 2000

It's an interesting idea, and I'd be interesting in contributing, except
that I think it would likely use huge amounts of bandwidth. The thing about
CSC, RC5, and DES is that the server can just send the encrypted text and a
description of where it wants the client to test - we're talking maybe 30
bytes per packet absolute max (and personally I'd be surprised if it was
more than 20). Since a packet can represent a few hours' work on even the
fastest personal computer, it doesn't use much space for a lot of work. OGR
is much the same, except it sends stubs instead of keyspaces (and from
reading the todo list, I think there's more that goes back to the server
also). I don't know anything about dcypher's gamma flux project, but it
*must* be about the same or they wouldn't be doing it. 10000GB of data is a
LOT of data - even spread out among however many computers it is we've got
crunching here, it'd probably be overwhelming bandwidth use, not only for
us, but for the poor servers at dnet :) Not only that, but I'd be surprised
if the areas didn't crossreference a lot - the servers might well end up
sending 100 terabytes or even a full petabyte. Way too much.

I still like the idea though ;)


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> A German Space Shuttle Mission is starting soon to scan the earth with
> radar, when they return 10000 GB of data will have to be made into a 3D
> version of earth, and they think that their computer will take up to 2
> for that work. So my idea is that distributed.net could finish this job
> easily much faster, and to it may get public, as seti at home. What do you
> think about this,
> Greetings,
> Daniel

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