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Sebastian Bergmann s.bergmann at seven-sense.com
Fri Feb 4 06:09:36 EST 2000

Daniel Wiesendorf schrieb:
> A German Space Shuttle Mission is starting soon to scan the earth with

It is not a "German Space Shuttle Mission". The americans agreed to let a
german engineer participate in this mission as the radar system for the scan
of earth's surface has been developed in germany. This is also the reason
why germany is among the very few countrys that'll get a complete and
accurate (to 6 meters) set of data, while other countries will only get a
set of data less accurate (to 100 meters) / complete.

The main purpose of this mission to get an accurate 3D map of earth for
warfare means, ie. missile guidance, etc. I don't think they'll make the
data public, so you can forget about an distributed.net project.


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