[RC5] New projects

Filipe Joel Almeida Filipe.Almeida at Novabase.pt
Thu Feb 10 08:48:53 EST 2000

> A cent for a block would pay my electrical bill.

And would bring more people to the project... It's like those 'Get paid to
surf the net with our viewbar' things... The ammount of monney paid isn't so
big, but it's enough to make people think 'Well, it won't hurt me, and I'll
get something for it'... of course this kind of thing can only be used if we
go into comercial projects, what by itself is great too, because we would be
definitely proving the usefulness of our 'Greatest computer on Earth' and
getting something with it.

I'm most definitely sure that there would be a lot of comercial projects
that would pay to use our combined CPU Power!!

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