[RC5] Cartographie

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Thu Feb 10 23:24:33 EST 2000

Daniel Wiesendorf <kadajawi at 01019freenet.de> schrieb am 03.02.2000 16:42

> A German Space Shuttle Mission is starting soon to scan the earth with
> radar, when they return 10000 GB of data will have to be made into a 3D
> version of earth, and they think that their computer will take up to 2 years
> for that work. So my idea is that distributed.net could finish this job
> easily much faster, and to it may get public, as seti at home. What do you
> think about this,

I think that all discussion about bandwidth is rather reiculous before
anybody has checked of wich kind their data is.

Not every big calculating-task is suitable for distribution.

It is very easy with a numeric keyspace.

It is possible with a linear datastream but seti needs to overlap their
packages about 2/3. Calculating it on _one_ machine or making packages with
longer time-intervalls would be much more economic in this case.

But how would you devide the data taken from a spinning Space-Shuttle of a
3-Dimensional body?

At leas it would need a big job precalculating their data to build packages.

I'm not even shure if there is any sense in working on that data

Presumption for distributing a problem is that it may be devided in
independent problems easyly.
But their task is to bring all the data togather by trigonometric relations.

Greeting, Michi 

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