[RC5] New projects

Steve Flynn steve at powerband-solutions.com
Fri Feb 11 00:23:28 EST 2000

In article <089AAD923BA3D311970C00508B5A7A6401C408 at ip201.nbporto.novabas
e.pt>, Filipe Joel Almeida <Filipe.Almeida at Novabase.pt> writes

>I'm most definitely sure that there would be a lot of comercial projects
>that would pay to use our combined CPU Power!!

Haven't we been down this road before? We've done the "rendering frames
for movies" and decided it was unfeasible.

There's also the legal aspect of people using CPU time belonging to
other companies to make money for themselves (how many SysAdmin's on in
here have 50 350 MHz Pentium II's cracking out keys on electricity paid
for by corporation X!)

Yes, there probably are companies out there who would pay for the kind
of processing power DNet currently has use of - trouble is that when you
start charging money, you start signing contracts. What happens if DNet
starts selling CPU time on your machine and you stop contributing -
who's in breach of contract?

This is a legal minefield. Let's not go there!


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