[RC5] 1 cent per RC5 block, works for me...

Christoph Kempen chris at jans.fbk.eur.nl
Fri Feb 11 12:53:37 EST 2000

> I would be happy to render for a cent per block.
> A cent for a block would pay my electrical bill.

1 cent per RC5 block ... Then I'll buy a new G4 every 35 weeks :)

I put a small script online so you can check it out...


But I think 1 cent per RC5 block is a bit to much...

At this rate Dnet's has to pay

    $153,759.57 a day,
    $1,076,316.96 a week,
    $56,122,241.36 a year...

I don't think a compamy will pay 56 million a year for a big project...


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