[RC5] Paying for blocks

Greg Andrews gregandrews at mac.com
Fri Feb 11 17:24:06 EST 2000

There has been some talk of d.net reimbursing us for CPU time. It got me
thinking, how much would it cost?  One user said 1 cent per block.  This
got me thinking, so I pulled out my TI-81 emulator.

RC5 has 2^64 keys (duh)
A "work unit" has 2^28 keys (i'm talking about the units you get credit
for, ie 2^29 means 2 work units, etc.)

So that means that RC5 has 6.87E10 work units
assuming one cent per unit, that would mean that that if the contest ran to
100%, d.net would be paying out $687,194,767.40

Now, that's only if it ran to 100%

25% would mean $171,798,691.80
50% would mean $343,597,383.70
75% would mean $515,396,075.50

So overall, d.net would be paying out a few hundred million dollars...  non
profit organization would be thrown out the door.

(and too all you fellow Canadians who are griping about the exchange rate
(I feel your pain) the $687 Million US is approxamately $1,003,304,360 CDN)

Just another nerd who LOVES pointless stats...

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