[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Michael Feiri michael.feiri at mfeiri.lake.de
Mon Feb 14 07:22:24 EST 2000

I have asked one of my more knowledgeable friends about this concern and
this was his answer:

on 07.02.2000 22:10 Uhr, Chris Cox wrote:
> At 12:17 PM -0800 2/3/2000, Michael Feiri wrote:
>> Can someone say something about the concern of this user?!
>>> From: Don Hayashi <donhayashi at mediaone.net>
>>> Reply-To: rc5 at lists.distributed.net
>>> Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:14:36 -0800
>>> To: rc5 at lists.distributed.net
>>> Subject: Re: [RC5] Adverse effects of participation?
>>> One thing to keep in mind is that the client maxes out the CPU usage
>>> more than any other program that I know off. The new Altivec core on
>>> my G4/450 PowerMac runs much hotter than the other two RC5 cores
>>> which run much hotter than my most demanding application AfterEffects
>>> (video compositing). There is a 60F jump from idle to running
>>> RC5/Alivec.
>>> I worry that the manufacturer of the computer never really considered
>>> someone running the CPU that hard 24/7. Even a maxed out server is
>>> waiting for memory and HD access much of the time.
> Yes, they considered a CPU running that hard.
> (why do you think there is such a HUGE heatsink on that sucker?)
> Motorola's cellular division runs them harder than that (tighter code, and
> literally 24/7 runtime, without _any_ preemptions) in their cellular tower
> stations, without any problems that I know of.
> Right now, running a dual G4 upgrade card (and a beta client), neither
> processor is going above 35 degrees C.  (Motorola put a convenient little
> temperature monitor in the G3 and G4 chips ;-)
> Chris


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