[RC5] 1 cent for 1 block

Hr. Skak windowssucks at get2net.dk
Mon Feb 14 13:06:08 EST 2000

[re.: New projects]

I was happy to read all the response to my note about rendering for the movie-industri.

Let's get a few things straight:

First of all - it was just a loose idea. I did'nt calculate it all the
way to US-tax problems and things like that.

I read two years ago that Titanic was rendered in about 50 pc's in a
couple of months.
We could do that in a day or two. With d.net it would be possible to do
some day-to-day-trial-and-error-rendering in the movie-industri.
And THAT's what I believe that the movie-industri will pay for.

Stoffel did the math: d.net costs $153,759.57 a day.
That's a grip in the large pocket for Warner, Walt & co.

RC5-64 and projects like this is a good course. And I believe that we
will continue doing that.
At the moment our clients a pre-defined to switch to DES when the next
competition comes up. AND switch back to RC5 when done.
IF we can sell our unique 160.000 PII-200-distributed computer-power to
the movie-industri, it must be possible to switch to movie-rendering for
a few days and then switch back to RC5 when done.

The old macos-client build 432 has a radio-button for [Compete in DES
contest]. If Steve or some sys-adm's do NOT want to crunch for cents,
dont't click this button.
Some people will now calculate their actual contributions for the last
two years into dollars and cents.
This project will not pay for a new G4 every 35 days. (I wish it would!)
It will probably pay for a few watts at each distributed site around our
world-wide network. And that's still 256% more that we get paid now!

About taxes and payment it must be possible to make a legal world-wide work-around.
For instance in my country (Denmark Europe) EVERYTHING is taxed. And I
meen everything. BUT every company in this country has the right to pay
a tax-free meeting-fee that equals USD 30 (Dkr. 200). Let's talk to a
professional about that.
Otherwise we could pay for a Cray or two in the long term. Or maybe a
hand-full of 4.2 mkeys/sek G4's.
AND perhaps pay some of those volunteers programming this great
distributed system that makes the idea possible.

If somebody feel that they are stealing their company's cpu-time for our
project, it will not be more or less stealing if it's paid for.
I'm only RC'ing at home and I sleep pretty well each night.

We and our client-to-come will decide the size of a block (for a cent). Right?

Finally: Don't kill the messenger. It was just an idea!

In respect..
Dr. Skak, Denmark Europe

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