[RC5] [OGR] Quantify the benefit of a shorter ruler!

Josh Rubin jlrubin at pop.bway.net
Tue Feb 15 02:56:48 EST 2000

Hi all. I accept that there are applications for Golomb rulers,
but the obvious question is 'How much does it matter?'

If distributed.net finds a 24 mark ruler which is shorter by one unit,
how much does this help x-ray crystallographers and radio astronomers?

I was trained as a pure mathematician, so I am perfectly
happy to hear that people study the properties of Golomb rulers
and use techniques from projective geometry to find new ones.
As soon as applications are mentioned, I turn back into a hard-headed
engineer and want numbers.

Sigh. Maybe I should use my spare cycles for something entertaining
like searching for quintic fields with small class number. At least
that I could publish!


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