[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Humbz humbz at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 14 11:21:48 EST 2000

cout << " Daniel responds to Michael " << endl;

> Suffice it to say that linearly exhausting the keyspace of any encryption
> algorithm is boring and useless, unless you really want to see what the
> message says, or there is a prize. It's not like we're getting rich from
> the prizes on the contests, except for the short-term ones which are
> probably worth it.

	Well here's an idea.  If you don't like RC5 then quit it, and go use your
CPU time somewhere else.  On the LIST I hear all the time about people
complaining how "rc5-64 is a waste of our time" and how "it's not worth it".
Well if you are so "TIRED" of it then why do you take the time to complain
about it?

>rc5-64 is a waste of our time when we could be working
> on something more interesting.

	Sorry buddy, but RC5 may be a waste of "your" time, not "mine" or anybody
else's for that matter.  It is amazing that you suddenly decide that
everybody is with you on the matter at hand.

>What I find most disappointing is that such discussions come up once in a
>while, but the d.net admins seem to just ignore them.

	What I find "disappointing" is that people like you find time to complain
about how messed up everything is.  "Michael" why don't you try putting
together a Non-Profit Organization together and respond to 1,000's of e-mail
messages a day, crashed computers, and bug's in clients if you are so sick
of "distributed.net" and their way of doing things.  Once again you have a

> It's a shame we have
>a powerful network of computers at hand and use it on a senseless purpose.

	 It is amazing how you hold the knowledge of god when deciding what others
CPU usage is worth using for.

>If it's not the case, then tell us why not.

	The case is this. Everyone has a choice.  The choice to leave the Client on
their machine, or to not leave the Client on their machine.  You do have
this choice.  If you don't like it, than quit this contest and take the
Client off of your machine!!  Otherwise if you do like what the Client and
D.net promote, then keep it on your machine and help finish RC5 till the
end!  It is as simple as that.

>I guess you have a certain responsability towards us....

	Nobody should have a responsibility towards us.  The only responsibility
"we" (being the people running the Clients) need to have is in making that
choice.  To or not to run the D.net Client.


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