[RC5] 1 cent for 1 block

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Mon Feb 14 17:51:23 EST 2000

Hr. Skak <windowssucks at get2net.dk> schrieb am 14.02.2000 13:06 Uhr:

> I read two years ago that Titanic was rendered in about 50 pc's in a
> couple of months.
> We could do that in a day or two.

That is not true.

Please keep in mind that testing millions of keys to one sentence is one of
the most primitive tasks a computer can do.

That's why it is called 'brute foce'.

Ever OGR is "try everything out" and the answer is boolean (yes/no).

Rendering 3D needs _much_ more complex clients and _much_ more communication
and coordination betwheen cliens.

There is no simple way to say "you take number 1 to 100, you take number 101
to 200, you take number 201 to 300" and so on.

In 3D everything has to fit together. _That_ is the reason why a distributed
network like ours cannot take such jobs like rendering moovies or doing

Sorry for disturbing your dreams.

Greeting, Michi

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