[RC5] 1 cent for 1 block

Gavan Schneider gavan at schneider.wow.aust.com
Wed Feb 16 06:50:43 EST 2000

On 2000-02-14 at 13:06, Hr. Skak <windowssucks at get2net.dk> wrote:

>We and our client-to-come will decide the size of a block (for a cent).
>Finally: Don't kill the messenger. It was just an idea!
>In respect.. Dr. Skak, Denmark Europe
and don't stop there... with a little bit of promotion, a nice "in your
face" 20 sec spot at the next superbowl, a press release (or three), an
IPO, and dnet becomes a "dot.com". We won't have to crack another block
again, just get rich on the edge of the latest market bubble... forget the
cents per block! let's talk options per block :-)

Gavan (who will now let the client do some more work)

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