[RC5] ogr - technical details

Andre Schulze as8 at Rcs1.urz.tu-dresden.de
Wed Feb 16 08:10:48 EST 2000

hello list,

i have several questions on ogr which are not yet in the faq:

1. is there a count of nodes tested by the client inside the returned
2. how much does (i like to have a number) the nodes/stub vary?
3. how are stubs assigned by the proxies
  3.1	may i discard stubs assigned by the proxy if i pulled too much
of 		them? (unfortunately i supposed ogr stubs to be completed equally
fast 		as rc5 - now i am sitting on work for a year -> what to do now?)
  3.1 when will unreturned stubs be reassigned
  3.2 does the way stubs are assigned at a later time depend on the
results 		of the returned stubs (since ogr has a tree structure)
  3.3 what information does go into the master proxy database? (or
which 		information is stored in the returned ogr stubs)
4. stats might not come before ogr-24 is finished. ok, it's not easy to
get a useful ogr stats and at least we know it might take a while - this
is fair. but will longer stubs be weighted more than shorter ones (i
think this is the most important question for a stats geek like me).


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