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Mike Cothran mcothran at hiwaay.net
Wed Feb 16 09:33:35 EST 2000

RCI136 at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 02/14/2000 7:30:37 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> windowssucks at get2net.dk writes:
> << Re.: New projects >>
> I thought this might be interesting.
> I found a new distributed processing program called ProcessTree Network. It
> just started and not quite up and running yet. You're processing video
> animation, weather models, scientific and corporate research projections,
> cryptographics, and any other large computing jobs that would benefit from a
> fast turnaround. ProcessTree is the Internet's first 'for-pay' distributed
> processing network. You get paid for your computer time!
> You can find out more at:http://www.processtree.com/?sponsor=505
> Later,
> Jim Archer
> Team USA
> http://setiweb.org/teamusa

These folks are in Madison, Alabama, real close to where I live here in
Huntsville, Alabama.

I noted that you as Partner# 505 - signed up: 42.

By the way, how does your action of posting to the list here fit in with their
No Spam policy?

Jim, do you know any names for the humans behind this corporation?  Since there
was no phone number given I could not call them and find out any of these
details directly for an article to be published in the Journal of the Huntsville
Computer Club, Inc.  Email is obviously available but a phone is still my
preferred method of communication.  I might even know these folks but without
a(some) name(s) to put with the information they and you are providing it would
be pointless to do more than request more 'information for file' in the hopes of
gathering enough information for some future article.

I noted several typos on their pages, errors in the grammar, and 'the always
popular' spelling errors we all seem to generate from time to time, I might take
the time to let them know of those errors as that always goes over well for a
'first' meeting impression.


Mike Cothran

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