[RC5] 1 cent for 1 block

Julian Cox CoxJA at august-systems.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 08:40:01 EST 2000

> You can find out more at:http://www.processtree.com/?sponsor=505
> Later,
> Jim Archer

Also from the processtree home page:

> Plus... You will get a bonus percentage of the payments that go
> to the Partners that you signed up. They in turn are getting 
> a bonus from Partners whom they signed up, and so on through
> the branches of the tree. So the larger your branch organization
> grows, the more money you can make.

If you use the link provided above and sign up you will be earning 
money for Jim, and possibly for whoever referred Jim etc, etc.  Isn't 
pyramid selling illegal?  Knock off everything after the .com to go in 

By the way, there is no mention anywhere on the site of real code 
you can download, not even any news on how development is 
progressing.  I can't even find anything that gives me confidence 
development has started.  Looks they've just created a 'placeholder 
site' for an inevitable idea.

If it does take off I'd be happy to be referred by distributed.net and 
earn a few microcents for them.

Back to lurking,

Julian Cox
Hardware engineer
ABB August Ltd
CoxJA at august-systems.co.uk

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