[RC5] 1 cent for 1 block

Ben benb at netins.net
Wed Feb 16 23:56:30 EST 2000

Bryan Smith wrote:
> No simple way?  Have you checked out http://www.imp.org (Internet
> Movie Project)?
> We use a program called POVRay(http://www.povray.org), which is set up
> to do just such a thing as breaking up a 3D, animated movie by telling
> one client to render frames 1 - 100, the next one to render 101 - 200,
> and so on.  All without each client talking to one another.  The only
> thing that will be a problem, but can be worked around, is the final
> images from the render being sent back to the server on low bandwidth
> links.

That is very interesting. I am a new fan of POV Ray, I have found that
it is better at doing many things for free than Ray Dream 3D does for $100...

That still wouldn't be possible with the current architecture of
distributed.net. For that, they want people to do work on modeling, but
also to do rendering. Even 10 frames of a movie at high resolution at
640x480 would take a lot more RAM than dnetc, and would take a lot
longer to upload to the server.

Thanks for the URL, I might have to participate in that.
If you'd like to see a few of my creations (mainly fireworks and
kooshballs) with POVRay, check out 

Ben (latebird at usa.net) (http://www.netins.net/showcase/benssite/index/)
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