[RC5] Experimenting

Enrique S. Ignarra enrique at mindless.com
Wed Feb 16 16:43:57 EST 2000

Ryan Malayter wrote:

> The Win9x thread scheduler is a lot weaker than the one in WinNT. That is, in WinNT, the client really does use almost all *available* CPU time, but in Win9x it does not, because of inefficiencies in the scheduler.
> These utilities modify that scheduling to let the dnet client work a bit faster on Win9x. I'd say that they'd give at most a 10% boost in keyrate, though.

That's about right after reading both of these messages I proceeded to get ATM and it works like a charm and my system is still zippy and responsive.  I modified one of the threads under DNETC.EXE to below normal
priority and it began to immediately use 95% of my cpu while idle but if i switch to other apps it drops, whereas without this modification ATM was using 30% and then DNET was using 50 and even while idle DNET would
not use all my cpu.  If there are other processes running ATM doesn't use much cycles and if you click the "Go to System Tray" button it sets itself to idle priority.  All in all I'm very satisfied with how this
program has let me alter my system.

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