[RC5] OGR: 32 vs 64bit

Wren, Alan Alan.Wren at compaq.com
Fri Feb 18 10:48:43 EST 2000

At least on the alpha NT code it does not seem to be taking advantage of 64
bit processing.  On my PIII 500 I get about 2.7 Gnodes in benchmarking, and
on my Alpha 433 running NT I get about 2.1 Gnodes.  I was hoping it would
scream on the Alpha like the DES contest did, but it seems to run about the
same as an Intel box.

Maybe there are more optimizations to come? :)

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I have read that 64bit versions of the ogr client are quite a bit faster
than the 32bit (at least the previous group on aol's code, on which the
dnetc core is based).

Anyway, is the Irix n32 core 64bit? I thought that n32 was n64, except
with 32bit pointers. This must be wrong though, as there is also an Irix
n64 client, and I don't think dnetc has to worry about accessing more than
a couple gigs of ram.

thanks for any enlightenment!
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