[RC5] ogr - technical details

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Fri Feb 18 15:49:00 EST 2000

On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 12:27:15AM -0600, Kristopher Austin wrote:
> My k6-2/400 is currently cruching on a stub for 19 hours now.  It says it is
> only at 9%.  
> First question:  Is the percentage anywhere close to accurate, since it
> doesn't know how many nodes it will have to try?

The % is a rough approximation. It does get more and more accurate as the
block is processed, from what I understand.

> Second question:  Does your 2 trillion number have any truth behind it or
> was it chosen by random?  If true...On my k6-2 which benches at 1.85Mnodes/s
> it could conceivably take 12.8 days to finish one stub.  I know that the
> chances of having such a stub is slim, but this is possible.  At my 9% in 19
> hours, assuming the percentage has any substance to it, I'll be cracking
> this same stub for another 8 days.  

We have seen nodes as large as 500Gnodes, so 2Tnodes isn't out of the

> Third question:  Will this be a problem when we get to the final few stubs
> and the ones that aren't returned yet are ones such as mine?  I assume not,
> since d.net would just redistribute this stub to hundreds of computers
> within an 8 day period and someone is bound to return it first.  I guess it
> would just be sad news for the person that started it first and his computer
> was just too slow.  He would end up not getting credit at all.

We havn't made a decision on how to handle this yet. Obviously, we could do
like CSC or DES and start 'spinning our wheels', but since we must completely
check 100% of the 'node-space', I imagine that we won't go this route. We
could also tell the master to stop handing out OGR work after everything
has been handed out; then wait a few weeks for data to filter back in before
doing a re-issue. We could also start work on OGR-25 while waiting for -24
to wrap up.

> Just a few thoughts compiled from what I've been reading.  Let me know what
> you think.
> Raistlin

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