[RC5] ogr - technical details

Basil A. Daoust basildaoust at home.com
Fri Feb 18 18:04:22 EST 2000

> within an 8 day period and someone is bound to return it first.  I guess it
> would just be sad news for the person that started it first and his computer
> was just too slow.  He would end up not getting credit at all.
> Just a few thoughts compiled from what I've been reading.  Let me know what
> you think.
> Raistlin


   I don't think doing the last unit of work means you found the shortest ruler.
It means you have eliminated nodes from making a shorter ruler.  I don't
know exactly how this thing works but it would be good if every unit of work
that makes up the shortest ruler get credit if that is possible.

   Would more than 24 work units actually compose the shortest ruler?
Would it actually be 6 or 8 since each stub is multiple distances?
I tried to look back through the multiple OGR web pages but I couldn't
find the page that talk's about the search algorithm to find ORG's and
how many nodes would actually have to be searched.

   It sure would be nice if the states page could be implemented to show 
the total work to do and rate of work and how far/much we have done.
These maybe could even be added to the graph page.

Wish list for all projects:
Add a percent completed line that has a scale on the right edge of the graph.
I think you did do this for at least one of the DES projects.


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