[RC5] OGR Checkpointing?

Frank Schickel schickel at psln.com
Sun Feb 20 10:36:11 EST 2000

Hi all,
  Got a question for anyone out there familiar with the OGR client
for Win32: does it do checkpointing?
  It's been working on 24/8-1-44-3 for the last 6 days (!) now, and
it's up to three days straight running right now, but it doesn't
look like it's using the checkpoint file.  Progress output shows 20%+,
but if Win98 decides to go south on me, I'll lose all the work 
accomplished on the current run.  Is there any way to force it to 
checkpoint, or does the OGR not do it?



PS.  In case anyone's interested, I'm running a PIII 500 w/128 MB,
     and it looks like I'm getting 3.3M nodes/sec.  Can't really
     get a good average, since I've only got 4 of the 20 I pulled
     down done (and only 2 of those were accomplished in a single

PPS. Is there any way to check what's in the buff-in file?  If the
     rest of the pending work is as big as the current one, I'll not
     be done before y'all hit 100% without me!

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