[RC5] [OGR] Length isn't the only thing that matters

Josh Rubin jlrubin at pop.bway.net
Mon Feb 21 01:47:51 EST 2000

The length of a Golomb ruler isn't the only thing that matters.
For example, if you are building a phased array radar in your yard,
a tree stump might prevent you from using a particular Golomb ruler
to place your antennas. Sometimes a slightly longer ruler or a ruler
with fewer marks may be a better choice.

Do the OGR clients return enough information to locate these 'pretty good'

Also, if we find a record breaking 24 mark ruler, what do we do:
1) Continue with the current clients, thus locating all rulers better than
   those known at the start of the project.
2) Distribute new clients that make the search for
   an optimal 24 mark ruler more efficient.

I say (1) yields more interesting data.
jlrubin at bway.net
Those who do not understand RSX-11M are condemned to reinvent it,
with inferior support for asynchronous I/O.

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