[RC5] REALLY hiding dnetc on a Mac

Hr. Skak windowssucks at get2net.dk
Mon Feb 21 13:47:29 EST 2000

Greg Andrews wrote:
> Is there a way to REALLY hide dnetc on a Mac for the young
> children so that it doesn't show up in the applications menu?  

My Guru (eac) says:

To run an application on the Mac without showing up in the app.-menu it
must be an system extension (appe) or a controlpanel (cdev).
It's not enough changing filetype.
The program must be written to be an sys.ext.

Maybe there's a workaround in the OS9 'Multiple Users'.
But I haven't been there yet. (I'm still on 8.6)

Best way to meet young mouseclicks is using 'At Ease'.

dr. Skak, Europe Denmark

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