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Yes, the current core will support OGR projects other than OGR-24.  I
think it will go up to 30 before we need to issue a replacement.

Keep in mind that Jim's 13.8% refers to the number of stubs handed out
and returned.  With every d.net project, a certain number of stubs
handed out are never returned.  This can be caused by:

*  Beta versions of the client that request stubs but are unable to
process them.
*  People who join the project then change (back) to a different
*  People who set another project at a higher property, but don't
disable this one.  (The work units are downloaded, but won't be
processed unless RC5-64 should be finished all of a sudden!)
*  People who download more work units than they could finish in a year
*  People who download the client, try it for a day and give up
*  People who download the client, but don't install it correctly to
restart when they reboot
*  People who delete their buffer files with each client upgrade (we'll
tell you if it's necessary, but we try very hard to avoid this)
*  People who use RAM-only buffers and who reboot unexpectedly
*  Sunspots, overclocked CPU's, flaky network connections, clients that
permanently lose their connection, computers that get retired, etc.

Since we can't tell the difference between a stub handed out which is
taking a long time and a stub which will never be returned, at some
point we have to start at the beginning with any stubs we still haven't

If 95% of the work units distributed get returned each time around, we
get 95% of 95% on the second pass, 95% of 95% of 95% on the third, and
so on.  It gets closer and closer to 100%, but it takes a lot of passes
and just a little luck to get every single work unit returned.

The good news is, even if you have a slow CPU, you're more likely to
finish the stub in time to return it than the person who gets it on the
second round, even though they have a faster CPU.  A long, complex stub
is long and complex on any platform.

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|On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Jim C. Nasby wrote:
|> I know it's not a good replacement for stats, but we're 
|13.8% done with
|> OGR-24. :)
|Question: Will the current OGR core work with future OGR-25, 
|26, etc. projects?
|It seems that we're doing OGR really fast. Will I have to 
|constantly upgrade
|the other clients I manage?
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