[RC5] OGR Checkpointing?

Paul Benjamin pben at pobox.com
Mon Feb 21 00:21:05 EST 2000

I know from personal experience that check files work for OGR, at
least on the Win98 client.  You just have to set it up as described in
the help file.


There is some good information in the FAQ for OGR at:



I do have a suggestion.  My desktop PC can only do three or four OCRs
a day.  That is on a duel 500Mhz Celeron machine (7.39 Mnode/sec).  24
work units is far too large for a default buffer.  My poor notebook
will probably never complete it's 24 units.  It has been chewing on
one unit for a week with very little progress. I will sneaker net to
my desktop once I work the desktop's buffer down.


On Sun, 20 Feb 2000 10:36:11 -0800, Frank Schickel <schickel at psln.com>

>Hi all,
>  Got a question for anyone out there familiar with the OGR client
>for Win32: does it do checkpointing?
>  It's been working on 24/8-1-44-3 for the last 6 days (!) now, and
>it's up to three days straight running right now, but it doesn't
>look like it's using the checkpoint file.  Progress output shows 20%+,
>but if Win98 decides to go south on me, I'll lose all the work 
>accomplished on the current run.  Is there any way to force it to 
>checkpoint, or does the OGR not do it?
>     Thanks, 
>        Frank
>PS.  In case anyone's interested, I'm running a PIII 500 w/128 MB,
>     and it looks like I'm getting 3.3M nodes/sec.  Can't really
>     get a good average, since I've only got 4 of the 20 I pulled
>     down done (and only 2 of those were accomplished in a single
>     run.)
>PPS. Is there any way to check what's in the buff-in file?  If the
>     rest of the pending work is as big as the current one, I'll not
>     be done before y'all hit 100% without me!

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