[RC5] OGR algorithms questions

John Girvin j.girvin at kainos.com
Tue Feb 22 12:46:39 EST 2000

A couple of OGR things I cant quite get my head around :)

What exactly is a "stub" ? Is it the positions of the first "n"
marks (or the first "n" differences) on a potential ruler? Also
how is the master list of all stubs-to-be-checked generated?

Assuming this is the case, is the search algorithm a recursive
backtracker using the stub as a starting point and trying all
possible permutation of the remaining marks that make (or can
make) golomb rulers, looking for a shorter ruler?

Also has anyone done any profiling studies on the OGR core to
show where most cycles are spent? I'm toying with the idea of
writing an asm OGR core (the things I do for fun :) - is there
any point?


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