[RC5] NT to Novell

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Tue Feb 22 09:32:55 EST 2000

At 07:46 AM 2/21/2000 , you wrote:
>A new star on the distributed heaven is asking me
>about connecting a bunch of NT's to his Novell-
>He made an automatic (dnet-client) installer to the
>w95's and w98's.
>How do we do that to the NT's?
>The NT's is logging in both to a Novell-net and to
>a NT-domain. It should be possible to make a login-
>script to those NT's.
>But how?

There is a few ways you can get the client onto NT machines happily. The 
simplest way is to add a line to the login script which copies the .exe and 
.ini file over to the local drive and runs it on login. Of course this will 
make it only run when people are actually logged in, so its not a 
tremendously good idea.

Another way is to use Remote Cows, available from the distributed.net 
download page. I use this myself with around 20 NT Workstations, and it 
works really well. You set up one .exe and .ini file, and then you can use 
the program to install it as a service on other workstations. Then it just 
keeps on running until you stop it (using Server Manager or Remote Cows) as 
a system service. This works really great if you set up a personal proxy 
somewhere in your network and tell all the clients to get their keys/stubs 
from it, then only that machine has to worry about sending information back 
to the Internet. Once its setup like this, it basically runs itself and 
requires no extra help from you at all until you want to upgrade your 
clients to a newer version. (this won't require you to change logon scripts 
at all, the client will just run as a service all the time)

Another way is to dump a copy of the client in a network share somewhere, 
and point all the clients to run it from there. The clients can share 
buffers like this, although with a lot of clients its not tremendously 
reliable (if you only have two or three machines this works fine). You can 
tell the logon script to start it from the remote location by mapping a 
drive and then pointing to it in the logon script. (theoretically you don't 
need to map a drive if its running from the netlogon share as you could 
just call 'dnetc.exe' in the script, but I haven't tried that yet.)

The last way would be to modify your 9x installer to work under NT, but I 
assume you already thought of that. (afaik, you can install it as a service 
by running dnetc.exe -install )

Good luck with it. :)
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