[RC5] MacOS dnetc logfile grapher v1.3.8 available

Dakidd dakidd at primenet.com
Tue Feb 22 07:11:26 EST 2000

A new version of the Mac dnetc logfile grapher is now available.

Visible changes in version 1.3.8beta:
OGR rates now correctly labeled in Knodes/second rather than Kkeys.

Semi-visible changes:
Fixed a really nasty problem that would cause a solid lockup if you fed it
a UNIX logfile that had been transferred to the Mac in binary mode
(preserving UNIX end of line conventions). A seriously nasty buffer-overrun
would occur when the program failed to find an end of line indication. The
grapher is now all but guaranteed to survive reading a logfile generated by
a DOS/Windows, *nix, or Mac client.

Making a useful graph out of it could be another question, though. The
logfile format has changed subtly over the various incarnations of the
client, and although I've taken every format I know about into account, one
or more older formats that I'm not aware of may be incompatible.

Near invisible changes:
Close to a total re-write of the file-read routines. More efficient now
(reads 3689 RC5 completion entries in just over 7 seconds instead of the 15
my G3/300 used to take) and *MUCH* more "bulletproof".
Changes in handling (but not appearance) of menu commands.
Drawing routine revamped. Again, no changes visible to the user, but major
logic overhaul happened.
Preparations for supporting a prefs file.

Known issues:
Attempting to option-drag a window in the background (should move the
window without activating it) causes the dragged window to become
activated. Workaround: Don't try to option-drag a window in the background
if you don't want it to become the active window. :)

As usual, if you can figure out a way to break it, I want to know about it!

Of course, it helps to know where to find it:

Don Bruder -  Dakidd at primenet.com      <--- Preferred Email - unmunged
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