[RC5] OGR percent done

Mark Hill HillMW at august-systems.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 09:25:58 EST 2000

On 20 Feb 00, at 19:56, Wilson, Bruce wrote:

> Keep in mind that Jim's 13.8% refers to the number of stubs handed out
> and returned.  With every d.net project, a certain number of stubs
> handed out are never returned.  This can be caused by:
> *  Beta versions of the client that request stubs but are unable to
> process them.
> *  People who join the project then change (back) to a different
> project
> *  People who set another project at a higher property, but don't
> disable this one.  (The work units are downloaded, but won't be
> processed unless RC5-64 should be finished all of a sudden!)
> *  People who download more work units than they could finish in a year
> *  People who download the client, try it for a day and give up
> *  People who download the client, but don't install it correctly to
> restart when they reboot
> *  People who delete their buffer files with each client upgrade (we'll
> tell you if it's necessary, but we try very hard to avoid this)
> *  People who use RAM-only buffers and who reboot unexpectedly
> *  Sunspots, overclocked CPU's, flaky network connections, clients that
> permanently lose their connection, computers that get retired, etc.

For the OGR project in particular, there's another cause - the 455 
clients download OGR work units, even though they can't work on them. 
We can't roll out the 458 client because it doesn't work. At a guess, 
we have over 2000 work units scattered across PCs that aren't running 
a 458 client.

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