[RC5] REALLY hiding dnetc on a Mac

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Wed Feb 23 08:52:27 EST 2000

Hi everyone,

À (At) 0:18 -0600 22/02/2000, Ben écrivait (wrote) :
>"Hr. Skak" wrote:
> > Greg Andrews wrote:
> >
> > > Is there a way to REALLY hide dnetc on a Mac for the young
> > > children so that it doesn't show up in the applications menu?
> >
> > My Guru (eac) says:
> >
> > To run an application on the Mac without showing up in the app.-menu it
> > must be an system extension (appe) or a controlpanel (cdev).
> > It's not enough changing filetype.
> > The program must be written to be an sys.ext.
>That's not really true. Many normal apps launch and become invisble
>without having any parts in the system folder, such as "Daemon".

"appe" are no system extensions but "Faceless Background 
applications", those are the "normal apps" ben is talking about. They 
can be put into the system folder's  extension folder to run at 
startup. This was achieved by version 2.6005 of Andrew Meggs' rc5 FBA 
client. The new one is in progress IIRC.

"Daemon" is an 'appe' type application.

'appe' applications do not have an user interface, that's why they 
require scriptability or a monitoring app for setup.

C ya.

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