[RC5] Distributed computing

Justin T. Fanning Justin at futurecorp.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 23:47:18 EST 2000

Some people touched a few weeks back on the concept of getting paid
for CPU time.  I have believed for some time distributed computing is
the future of large scale computing and as soon as someone develops a
general distributed programming language (that you don't need a Ph.D.
to drive) or a 'converter' utility that looks over your single CPU
code and makes it 'distributed friendly' I think this will be big.

I always thought the concept would go like this:  You would have the
'distributed computing bank' and you would loan CPU time to complete
your project, on a higher priority, higher cost basis.  You would then
repay this loan with your own CPU (backed by cash if you default)
and perhaps a 10% fee to keep the bank and participants happy.

In the industry I am in, I would be very interested in such a set-up
and would know of many other customers.

Any thoughts?

Justin T. Fanning
Justin at futurecorp.co.uk

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